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Chrysalis Digital Endeavours

Communication & Technology Services (WordPress, Apple, Social Media, Photography, Design)

Chrysalis Digital Endeavours (CDE) is a communication and technology team which provides effective web, visual (graphic design and photography) & technology (computer, web and social media) solutions. We train our clients how to manage their web applications and make the best of WordPress.com. We are Apple Product Professional Certified and offer data backup and recovery services. We offer 1 on 1 WordPress, Apple computer and iPad training.

More and more people are finding out they can empower themselves with out of the box systems for their website. We work with WordPress.com (out of the box SEO) and assist projects who are looking to get their presence online. With real time training, we bring your website to life WITH YOU not just for you! We add our design, theme and content management knowledge to bring you the best results.

We have experienced nothing but awesomeness with our clients; we are proud to see them grow and flourish. We are located in Victoria and are available virtually to anyone anywhere.

Find us online  and on Facebook

Robin Translation Services

Robin Translation Services provide high-quality and accurate Chinese language services in Victoria, BC.

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Website localization
  • Transcription
  • ICBC driver licensing translation.

Find out more on our Blog or visit our website

Infuse Herbals’

Infuse Herbals’ organic herbal teas are lovingly handmade in Victoria BC. Our herbal blends are carefully crafted to bring a sense of well-being, without sacrificing taste and enjoyment. Our blends are available at local markets, events, retailers and online.

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Le Vélo Victoria

Le Vélo is an online boutique specializing in stylish bicycle accessories. Our company was founded on the idea that cycling could be better in terms of the clothing and accessories that take you to your destination. We are curators of elegant solutions for everyday cycling challenges. We love bicycles, tour cycling, pursuit of the perfect espresso and joie de vivre.

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Art by Suzanne Bean

I have been drawing and painting for about 10 years. After graduating with a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Victoria, I found myself particularly attracted to creating portraits. With a deep feeling of wanting to create a connection with my subject, I find myself bringing about a soulful feeling with each portrait. Please contact me for any information that you may require.

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Raw Dragon Chocolate logo

Raw Dragon Chocolate

Raw Dragon creates healthy chocolates that are ORGANIC and RAW as well as gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and sweetened Only with HONEY. Raw Cacao is extremely nutrient dense and has powerful Euphoric qualities.

All of our cacao comes from fairtrade conditions and our packaging is eco friendly. We consciously hold high standards for working responsibly with the environment.


Visit the Raw Dragon website

Communicate Unity logo

Communicate Unity

Olga Minko Communicate Unity – Bringing Cultures Closer Together

Diversity & Intercultural Communication Consultant ♦ Workshop Facilitator ♦ Coach

  • Struggling with understanding a local culture and connecting with the local community?
  • Having challenges to be heard or understood?
  • Want to be confident navigating across cultures and communicate effectively in a diverse working environment?

Olga helps international professionals & entrepreneurs new and not so new in Victoria with cultural adaptation and faster integration into the community via workshops, personal coaching and free meet up events.

She also provides consulting and training opportunities for the organizations, companies, creative teams to assist them with the creation of a welcoming, collaborative and productive work environment.

Find out more on Olga Minkos LinkedIn profile.

Pachavega Living Foods Education

Danielle Arsenault, founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education digs in her toolbox of skills and passions, to hone in on fresh, gourmet raw foods as a way to entertain, educate and inspire.

She offers Personal Chef Services, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching in addition to the multitude of Dinner Workshops coming to Victoria, autumn 2013. Boasting a collection of mouth watering recipes, her 2013 workshops will impress guests as they discover the unique tips and tricks of a truly healthy, raw, vegan diet.

Limited Seating, preregistration required. Register online today: www.pachavega.com

Saltspring Sunrise Premium Edibles

At Saltspring Sunrise Premium Edibles we cold press organic edible oils, nut butters, and mill gluten-free flour from locally sourced nuts and seeds.

The oils are expeller cold pressed without the use of chemicals or further refinement, for a genuinely cold pressed oil.

We are dedicated to developing and supporting a local, sustainable food economy that ensures a future for local agricultural businesses and a fair price for farmers.  Our artisanal oils and flours are produced in small batches for a community that appreciates culinary pleasures while benefiting their health.

Check our website for retailers and farmers markets where you can purchase our products.


Located at Broad & View, Saamich offers local & fresh good food.

Made fresh, with whole ingredients, sandwiches are made with hormone-free meats, local cheese, and local bread. Fresh Gluten free soup is also available daily.

Find out more on our Twitter and Facebook.

Tutors Nirvana

Tutors Nirvana is an online software and marketplace that helps tutors grow and market their private tutoring businesses.

With this software, tutors are able to list their profiles in a searchable database, create assignments, keep track of scheduling and invoicing, as well as manage students with ease. In addition to providing professional software, Tutors Nirvana aims to be a resource for tutors by sharing insightful articles related to education and technology, and teaching techniques on their Facebook page, Twitter account, and blog! To put it simply, Tutors Nirvana is about supporting tutors.

Visit the Tutors Nirvana website.

All Around Delivery

All Around Delivery

We provide full residential & commercial moving services. No job is too small or large. We deliver single items or an entire household. You can depend on our fast, courteous & professional service. Reliability is our motto!

Helping people make the transition from one home to the next should be as stress free as possible. Our aim is to make every aspect of your move an easy one. We do this by offering services above and beyond the norm, and by keeping our prices affordable. We specialize in full home setup, packing/unpacking, assembly of your office/exercise equipment, picture hanging, and more.

Visit the All Around Delivery website.

Speedy Gopher

Speedy Gopher is a web based service network focused on enhancing economic ties within the south island communities, by connecting people who need something done, with those who are available and eager to work.

Gophers can help with: handyman services, shopping & deliveries, computer support, senior services, household chores, office assistance, general labour, events and more We have short video interviews of our gophers, so you can preview who is coming over before they show up.

Get it done GOPHER IT!

Visit the Speedy Gopher website and like us on Facebook.

Mobile Tile

Mobile Tile

Mobile Tile comes directly to you with a personalized selection of up to 200+ sample boards (thousands of possibilities) chosen from our extensive collection of quality products. Eliminating the common inconveniences of selecting tile in Victoria and the surrounding area, Mobile Tile offers a service that streamlines the process, saving you time, money and headaches.

From the convenience of your home, design studio or office, simply fill out our online appointment form, or give us a call. Receive a call within 24 hours from our experienced tile consultant to discuss the details of your project and ensure you choose the ideal tile for your needs.

Tired of lugging tile samples to the project site only to find out they’re not quite right? Get it right the first time with the assistance of an experienced tile expert and avoid costly mistakes commonly made in the traditional tile retail system.

Visit the Mobile Tile website and follow on Twitter.

Dovetail Creative Furnishings

Dovetail Creative Furnishings

Dovetail Creative Furnishings provides vintage, upcycled, and shabby chic furniture, as well as furniture refinishing services. Dovetail prides itself in being environmentally sustainable, by using earth friendly stripping practices, paints with low VOCs, and upcycling experienced pieces of furniture.

Dovetail is committed to ensuring the highest level of quality and uniqueness in its retail pieces along with its commissioned pieces.

Visit the Dovetail Creative Furnishings website and like us on Facebook.

Aims Investing logo

AIMS investing

Unhappy with your investment performance?  Worried about the stock market?

Then you will want to take a closer look at alternative investments.  The goal at AIMS Investing is to help educate you about all of your investment options, specifically exempt market products (EMPs).  Large pension funds and university endowment funds invest a large percentage of their money outside of the volatile public markets.  Alternatives can reduce the volatility in your portfolio by investing in tangible assets like real estate that pay monthly cash flow.

AIMS Investing is your connection to institutional type investments for individual investors.

Visit the AIMS Investing website.

VI Golf Logo

VI Golf

VIGolf.ca is an interactive and informative Vancouver Island Golf website that connects golfers on Vancouver Island.

It features the Vancouver Island Golf Show which is a half a hour weekly podcast hosted by VIGolf.ca founder Jeremy Estey, and CPGA Class ‘A’ Professional Jeff Palmer. The two discuss golf on Vancouver Island, and have special guests on to talk about golf from a local, provincial, and national stand point. VIGolf.ca also features expert blogs ranging from the mental game, strength and conditioning, life on tour, instruction, and more. There is golf news from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest. You can stay connect with other golfers on the island through the VIGolf forum, while discussing a number of golf related topics. There is also a course profiles page to get all of the info you need about a specific golf course, as well as very comprehensive tournament listings, and more!

Visit the VIGolf website, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Kwikup logo


Kwikup is a one page online directory dedicated to support local and start-up businesses to have an easy online presence, reach more local customers and establish online sales. All that can be viewed on one page Kwikup.com

Our mission is to connect local businesses to make them more productive and successful. When you join Kwikup, you get access to an online portal to sell your products, a community of local businesses, a detailed profile that shows your business information, deals and customers feedback.

Kwikup also enables customers to buy online for an in-store pick-up or delivery, leave feedback, and find local business in a surrounding area as well as sharing businesses posts, pictures and deal on Facebook and Twitter.

Sign up for free on Kwikup website, like us Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Wren Online Office Solutions logo

Wren Online Office Solutions

  • Looking to grow your business but can’t find time?
  • Avoiding tasks because they seem overwhelming?
  • Need office help on an “as needed” basis?

Working with a Virtual Assistant: with our services you simply use us when you need us and only pay for that time. We build an ongoing relationship and understanding for your business goals.

Services: correspondence, scheduling, document design, marketing assistance, WordPress websites, databases, and much more.

Benefits: no employee taxes, benefits, insurance; no commitment; no need to provide office space, equipment, and supplies; no training costs; and you spend your time productively doing what you do best.

Start Now: free your valuable time and contact Wren Online Office Solutions today!

Advanced Listening Systems logo

Advanced Listening Systems

Advanced Listening Systems designs and installs assistive listening devices in public places for the hard of hearing. These listening devices enhance communication at retail counters, bank teller windows, ticket booths and any other location where a customer service representative needs to communicate with an individual who is hard of hearing.

 Advanced Listening Systems also designs and installs assistive listening devices in churches and other large gathering places, boardrooms and classrooms, public and private transportation as well as systems for personal home use.

Visit the Advanced Listening Systems website.

Juliana Wigmore Photography

Juliana Wigmore Photography

I believe pictures tell stories that words sometimes can’t. They help us connect with each other and remember things that we may otherwise forget because sometimes we all move just a little too fast. I help my clients tell the story of the important moments in their lives by making the experience of being photographed fun and delivering images people love. Each time I am invited into someones life to photograph and share their important moments, I cant help but feel honoured to be a part of their unique story.

I’d love to help tell your story. Drop me a line to discuss whether professional wedding and family photography is right for you.

Visit the Juliana Wigmore Photography website and like on Facebook.

2GF Kitchen logo

2GF Kitchen

2GF Kitchen is a gluten free & main allergen sensitive delicatessen.

We offer a wide menu fresh never frozen handmade gluten free menu items to customers including the Celiac an gluten intolerant customers. 2GF Kitchen sells gluten free foods including but not limited to breads pastries pastas and entrees. 2GF offers ready to eat food in shop or for take away. Also we will be providing unfinished items such as fresh pastas pirogies etc. for our customer to take home and cook for themselves.

Like 2GF Kitchen on Facebook.

Olive the Senses logo

Olive the Senses

Olive the Senses is devoted to giving the Victoria region a tasting experience they will not forget.

Family. It’s part of a promise that we make to you with every bottle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar. For us, our extra virgin olive oil is not just a product, it’s a recipe that we want to hand from our family to yours.

Our family recipe comes from a little place in the Marche region of Italy, where it’s been nurtured for generations, and that’s one of the things that makes Olive the Senses Victoria’s first choice for the finest, freshest, single cultivar extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars.

Visit the Olive the Senses website and like on Facebook.

Green Kiss logo

The Green Kiss

The Green Kiss is a retailer of safe, smart and sexy cosmetics. We offer a handpicked selection of natural cosmetic and skin care products from some of North Americas best natural beauty brands.

Our products can be found at our beauty bar here in Victoria BC, or through our online store which sells across Canada and the USA. Our selection includes options that are certified organic, vegan, locally sourced, and gluten free!

Visit the Green Kiss website, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Big Graphic Design logo

Big Graphic Design

Tara Acheson is the freelance designer and creative mind behind BIG Graphic Design. Always a crafter and artist, she began her career studies in fashion design at LaSalle College in Montreal. This led to the discovery of an undeniable passion for Graphic Design and further design studies at Langara college in Vancouver. Big Graphic Design is now based in beautiful Victoria BC.

Visit the Big Graphic Design website.

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