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Financing Loans

Every business requires some start-up capital and this can sometimes be the hardest challenge for small businesses. Below are some sources of information about financing you could explore.


CYBF logoBusiness Victoria is a community partner of CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation and can assist you with securing loan financing. Business Victoria also offers CYBF participants some workshops at no cost. As a national charity, CYBF provides pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up financing up to $15,000 and mentoring to Canadian youth to help launch and sustain a successful business.

If you’re aged 18-39 and starting a business – get in touch to discuss how Business Victoria can help with your application and find out more information on the CYBF website.

Additional sources of funding

Contrary to popular belief, grants for start-ups are few and far between. Aside from there being a limited pool of accessible money, the application process and reporting requirements can be a serious drain of your time.  In most cases, the procedure required to obtain a grant is simply not a practical use of the new business owners’ time.

You should not have to pay for grant information!

The websites below contain more information on some funding sources available.

General business
Arts (see also Music below)
Awards & Prizes
Community Microloan / Microlending
Disabled persons
Investors / Angel Investors
Music (see also Arts above)
Research & Technology
Wage subsidies (for hiring staff)
Other financing resources

Loan Smart seminar

Coast Capital logoPresented by Coast Capital Savings Credit Union, this is a quarterly seminar available at Business Victoria. Details of seminars are published regularly on our workshops calendar. Find out what lenders are looking for financing your business.

  • What do you need to prepare for your lender?
  • What is a Micro Business Loan vs Venture Capital vs Line of Credit.
  • What does an lender look for in a business plan?
  • What types of financing should you consider?
  • How do you read your credit report, how do I improve my credit report?
  • When should I apply for a business bank account and what types of accounts are there?
  • Why have a business relationship with Coast Capital Savings Credit Union?
  • Does a lender need financial statements or a tax return from previous year if I’m looking for funds to expand my business?
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