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Do I need business training?

To some degree the experience gained in running a business on a day-to-day basis is the best training you’ll ever have. Paying the rent, paying staff, hiring, firing, sourcing product, dealing with customers or clients, and on and on. Let’s face it: no amount of training from a seminar or even an MBA can replicate [...]

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The importance of integrity in market research

  The play was a great success, but the audience was a disaster. Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) One of the most painful things for a business coach is to sit with a troubled entrepreneur who says, “I don’t get it. I did my research; the business model is fantastic and I modeled it on a highly [...]

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Lighting the Darkness

Someone of a negative mindset once told me “If the world was in darkness and someone invented the light-bulb, the banks wouldn’t be interested.” This man stood in his own world of darkness, determined that nothing could be improved due to an indifferent society. And of course, the rise of the industrial world shows how [...]

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Curiosity is Key

Having assisted in the startup of more than 2,500 new companies in the past decade, we’ve learned a thing or two about the natural assets of a great entrepreneur.  We considered such virtues as hard work, commitment, great financial resources, even the value of desperation because they can’t find a job. Our conclusion, however, is [...]

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Doing Well By Doing Good

Those of you who watch Dragon’s Den, will be familiar with hard-nosed multi-millionaire Kevin O’Leary, who will often say something like, “Who cares about saving the whales – just show me the money”. We accept that Kevin is playing the role of the bad guy – but if he truly believed that – and some [...]

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Harnessing Power & Vision

When advising would-be entrepreneurs we always stress the need for being passionate about their venture and using that passion to formulate a vision as to where they want the business to be in say, two or three years time. What they are about to face as they build their business means hours and days of [...]

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Lessons from the Oscars

Last night was Oscars night. That means you were either glued to the TV to watch it unfold or you hide away in another room with a book. Whichever camp you fall into, there’s something to  learn from the Academy Awards in that it gives us a rare glimpse into the complex world of making a [...]

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